‘Wall Sculpture No.5’, a piece constructed out of cow bone, by Taranaki artist Sam Kelly received the $15,000 Premier Award.

The winning artwork was selected by Reuben Friend, Director of Pātaka Art + Museum.

‘I really love this work by Sam Kelly,’ said Friend. ‘It presents a visual trick: at first it looks like a piece of fabric flung over a rail that you want to grab – or like intestine. But on closer inspection you realise that it’s bone, it’s solid. Sam has treated her medium in a very intelligent way. You don’t get many artists working with bone at this level.’

83 artworks by 60 artists were selected as finalists – view the other finalists in the photo gallery below.

Judge Reuben Friend with the winning sculpture, Wall Sculpture No. 5, by Taranaki artist Sam Kelly
From left to right: Judge, Reuben Friend, Executive Director of the Awards, Carla Russell, and the awards sponsor Richard Nelson
Reuben Friend with Stuart MacPherson, who received a Highly Commended award of $1,000 for his piece ‘Coupled’.
Andrew Cox and his work ‘Meccano Upscale 6:1 No1’
‘Toa Wairua e Matakitaki Ana’ by Andrew Doughty
‘Creative Flow’ by Daniellle Burns
Highly Commended: ‘Macro-laminae’ by Chris Booth
‘Paradise Lost No. 3’ by Suzy Costello
‘Rodin’s Thinker’ by Olivier Duhamel
‘Cargo’ by Conor Jeöry
‘Expanding Universe’ by Johnny Turner
‘Talismans: Lost Charm Bracelet’ by Fiona Garlick
‘Talismans: Rabbit’s foot’ by Fion a Garlick
‘Into the Abyss’ by Gail Barratt
‘El Toro’ by Glen Colechin
‘Nocturnal Rhythm’ by Julie Cromwell
‘Red Dress’ by Anna Korver
‘Atua’ by Brett Rangitaawa
‘Peach Emoji’ by Daniel Worth
Untitled by Don Service
‘Drape Balance’ by Brendan Adams
‘Drape Balance Building’ by Brendan Adams
‘Moth’ by Jenny Wilson
‘3 ‘Moths’ by Jenny Wilson
‘Star Compass’ by Chris van Doren
‘Ko Tipua Hororangi Te Tata’ by Dwayne Pahi Carroll
‘From Tiny Acrons Do Mighty Oaks Grow’ by Glen Colechin
Highly Commended: ‘Bronzerrotype #46. Huia’ by Jonathan Campbell
‘Out There’ by Matt Akehurst
‘Speak No Evil’ by John Shewry
Highly Commended: ‘Still’ by Jacqueline Morren
‘The Kiss’ by Jacqueline Morren
‘Ferropithecus’ by Marten Ten Broek
‘Volacnic Dormancy’ by Lynn Wakem
‘Voyager’ by Johnny Turner
‘Lines of Thought’ by Kiya Nancarrow
‘The Spring Puzzle’ by Madelyne Gourdin
‘Ocean’ by Madelyne Gourdin
‘Nature Engineered’ by Mark Hudson
‘Moral compass needle/arterial pen’ by Marten Ten Broek
Neil Plimmer in conversation with Nyree McInally’s ‘You Need to Man Up’
‘Pacific Totem’ by Paul Harris
‘Balance’ by Michelle Retimana
‘Tranqulity’ by Michelle Retimana
‘Two Red Mares’ by Odelle Morshuis
‘Do I Know You’ by Miro Batistich
‘Hope’ by Richard Landers
‘Open Gateway’ by Richard Landers
‘Division’ by Matthew Williams
‘The Swing’ by Renate Verbrugge
‘Chromatic Report’ by Ramon Robertson
‘Colour Chromatic’ by Ramon Robertson
Between the Lines the Two Faced Jester
‘Bell Bowl no. 22’ by Nicholas Duval-Smith
‘Replenishment’ by Nick Spicer Balme
‘Thopter’ by Nick Spicer Balme
‘Something in the Mind’ by Sebastien Jaunas
‘Float’ by Sarah Harvey
‘Tumble’ by Sarah Harvey
‘Landbird’ by Oriah Rapley
‘Land Bird’ by Oriah Rapley
‘Precious Cornerstones’ by Robin Ranga
‘Tree (scientia potentia est)’ by Ric Brown
‘Western Lotus Shoe’ by Sharon Painter Arps
‘Port and Starboard’ by Rick Allender
‘Box of Bubbles’ by Rick Allender
‘Modernist Mobius’ by Sharon Painter Arps
‘Memories in Red’ by Renate Verbrugge
‘Her Story’ by Richard Wells
‘Splash’ by Richard Wells
‘Sleeping Bird, by Rory McDougall
‘Happyness I’ by Sean Beldon
‘Happyness II’ by Sean Beldon
‘Soma Cube and Boy (1975)’ by Tim Larkin
‘Venus of Waitakere’ by Rose Bourke
‘A Leading Light’ b y Robin Ranga
‘Inward’ by Sean Syman
‘Abstract Study I’ by Sylvia Sinel
Highly Commended: ‘Coupled’ by Stuart MacPherson
‘Abstract Study I’ by Sylvia Sinel
‘Signatures, Triptych’ by Volker Hawighorst
‘Strata I’ by Yvonne Guillot
‘Inanna Gate 2’ by Vicki Charles
‘Inanna Gate 4’ by Vicki Charles
Highly Commended:: ‘Strata II’ by Yvonne Guillot