Congratulations to Auckland artists Lissy and Rudi Robinson-Cole for winning the $15,000 Premier award with their pieces Harikoa – Aroā Nukunuku and Paki – He Taonga Tuku Iho, hand carvings embellished with crocheted NZ neon wool. (pictured right)

The winning pieces were selected by Lynne Sandri, Wellington artist, curator, arts mentor and art awards judge.

‘Lissy and Rudi are clever, bold, and colourful collaborators combining two traditional practices of carving and crochet into contemporary sculpture,’ says Sandri. ‘Even the range of neon colours are theirs and each colour represents a kaitiaki of their arts practice. Their works are beacons of joy and I believe will help share and connect our culture with everyone (in homes-whare and meeting houses – whare hui). These works are traffic stoppers and I can’t stop thinking about how uplifting they are. Definitely joy spreaders and I can’t think of anything more important that we all need right now.’

88 artworks by 66 artists were selected as finalists – view the other finalists and winners in the photo gallery below.

Highly Commended: ‘The Clusterfuck That Was’, blown, hot sculpted and cast glass by George Agius (Manawatu)
Highly commended: ‘King Midas, Renunciation on
the Pactolus Riverbank’, resin, bronze & gold by Christophe Jannin (Auckland)
Highly commended: ‘The Tohunga and the Atua’, driftwood, birdwings, coal, muka, paint & shells by Neke Moa (Otaki)
Highly commended:’Habitat 2′, steel, coloured acrylic &
LED lights by Jane Downes (Little River, Canterbury)
Highly commended: Submerge – Purple Fall, cast glass & stainless steel, by Di Tocker (Cambridge)
Highly commended: Submerge – Ice melt, cast glass & stainless steel, by Di Tocker (Cambridge)
‘Holding Back the Storm’ by Andy Waugh (Nelson)
‘Together Forever’ by Andy Waugh (Nelson)
‘Broken Bonds’ by Birgit Moffatt (Ōtaki)
‘The Magpie Nest’ by Beatrice Carlson (Auckland)
‘Rere (Take Flight)’ by Bill Devoy (Te Awamutu)
‘Mr McDougal’s Angel’ by Bridget Mintoft (Mangawhai)
‘Awkward’ by Claire Sadler (Hastings)
‘The Gathering’ Christine Cousineau (Tauranga)
‘Trinity and the Green Rain’ by Vicki Charles (Nelson)
‘Sine #2’ by Volker Hawighorst (New Plymouth)
‘Hermes’s Sole’ by Claudia Recorean (Westport)
‘The Goat’ by Chris Jackson (Wellington)
‘Shogun’ by Chris Jackson (Wellington)
‘Mt Explorer Douglas’ by Clovis Viscoe (Dargaville)
‘Peach Emoji’ by Daniel Worth (Wellington)
‘Increased Response’ by Lisa Bate (Auckland)
‘Apollo’s Maturity’ by Christophe Jannin (Auckland)
‘Renew’ by Claire Jensen (Opunake)
‘Garden of Dreamings and
Imaginings’ by Debbie Pointon (Kapiti)
‘Floral 0122’ b y Diane Brand (Auckland)
‘Contemplatter’ by Diane Brand (Auckland)
‘The Last Frog’ by Doug Marsden (Ōpua)
‘Summer Sit’ by Duncan Moore (Masterton)
‘Starfish Vessel’ by Graeme Priddle (North Carolina, USA)
‘Endangered Species’ by DeAnne Smith (Taupo)
‘Fragility’ by Eva Kerer (Nelson)
‘Fragile Matter’ by Julie Cromwell (Whangarei)
‘Beautyboard’ by Nuala Gregory (Auckland). Photo by Solander Gallery
‘Creative Destruction’ by Holly MacKinven (Dunedin)
‘Headboard’ by Nuala Gregory (Auckland) Photo by Solander Gallery
‘Chomp’ by Phil Stokes (Whanganui)
‘Big Wheels’ by Phil Stokes (Whanganui)
‘Resilience’ by Oriah Rapley (New Plymouth)
‘Ndbele Gourd’ by Jo Tricker (Tauranga)
‘Hero of Our Time – Susan Dalton, Matron Nelson Hospital’ by Juliana Trolove (Nelson)
‘Norman the Common Man’ by Juliana (Nelson)
‘Anenome’ by Gail Barratt (Auckland)
‘Mahara (Remember)’ by Joe Kemp (Rotorua)
‘Extinction Cords’ by Jonathan Campbell (Lower Hutt)
‘Françoise’ by Kay Bazzard (Havelock North)
‘Archeus’ by Kay Bazzard (Havelock North)
‘Let Me Sleep and Dream of Sheep’ by Fiona Sutherland (Nelson)
‘Tide Catcher ‘ by Jasmine Clark (Arrowtown)
‘Presence II’ by Julie Moselen (Auckland)
‘Blah Blah Blah Teapot’ & ‘Yeah Nah Vase’ by Karin Amdal (Waitarere)
‘Bone of Contention’ by Ric Brown (Wellington)
‘A Likely Pair’ by Metal Metcalfe (Hastings)
‘Hatchlings’ by Susan Dinkelacker (Whangarei)
‘Keiko’ by Tess Wing (Dunedin)
‘Snowball’ by Tess Wing (Dunedin)
‘Kiwi Running’, by Susan Dinkelacker (Whangarei)
‘SpoonTingling ‘22 cont’d •’ and ‘SpoonTingling ‘22 cont’d ••’ by Jacqueline Morren (Christchurch)
‘Damocles’ by John Mulholland (Warkworth)
‘Tall Stories’ by John Mulholland (Warkworth)

‘Madonna & Child’ by Madeleine Child (Dunedin)
‘Afternoon With A Faun’ by Marie Stauss (Mosgiel)
‘Dancer’ and ‘Pole Gymnast’
By Michelle Retimana (Kapiti)
‘Banana Vase’ by Oliver Cain (Auckland)
‘Incoming Momentum’ by Kiya Nancarrow (Auckland)
‘Fruit Basket’ by Oliver Cain (Auckland)
‘Lacuna’ by By Raewyn Turner & Brian Harris (Auckland)
‘Threads’ by Richard Landers (New Plymouth)
‘When Will I See You Again’ by Sean Beldon (Auckland)
‘Amplitude’ by Matt Perry (Ōpua)
‘Magnolia’ by Matt Perry (Ōpua)
‘You Need To Man Up II’ by Nyree Mcinally (Dunedin)
‘Abstraction’ by Sylvia Sinel (Hamilton)
‘Atomic Orange, (C16H11N2Na04S)’ by Stuart Macpherson (Porirua)
‘Whakapapa, by Stevei Hou`kāmau (Wellington)
‘The Full Moon on the Sea’ by Sebastien Jaunas (Paekakariki)
‘The Line’ by Sebastien Jaunas (Paekakariki)
‘Floating Rose Vessel’ by Toni Tittleton (Auckland)

‘Rangitoto (I Miss You Colours)’ by Wesley John Fourie (Dunedin)