Awards Founder

Richard T. Nelson is an avid art collector and appreciator. Originally from the USA, Richard has called Wellington, NZ home for past 25 years

Richard’s love of sculpture started more than 50 years ago upon visiting a small gallery in Haiti. There he came across some beautiful works by a Haitian sculptor, Ludovic Booz. He purchased 3 elegant mahogany sculptures that he admires and appreciates to this day.

Degrees from Yale and Stanford Universities followed by a successful career in Investments has enabled Richard to pursue his love of art.

His collection holds contemporary pieces from around the world including Europe, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Haiti, Japan and Africa. His sculpture collection includes a considerable selection of smaller works, providing the inspiration for this award.

Richard appreciates the elegance and grace of sculpture, and wishes to reward technique and true craftsmanship through this award.

About the awards

These awards recognise excellence in New Zealand sculpture and seek to foster a market for small scale sculpture, so collectors can enjoy them at home.

Molded. Cast. Carved. Assembled. Elegance. Excellence. Craftmanship.

We want to highlight the diversity of small-scale works and celebrate our unique culture and heritage through New Zealand sculpture.

The Awards are valued at $20,000 with a premier prize of $15,000 rewarding creative talent and craftsmanship, with five highly commended prizes of $1000 each

A carefully curated selection of small sculpture works will be revealed to the public at the NZ Art Show, 4-6 June, 2021 in Wellington.

Up to 80 works will be on display with all works for sale with the recipients of the awards will be announced on June 3.

Applications close on March 31, 2021. The awards are open to citizens and permanent residents of Aotearoa New Zealand. New and established sculptors are encouraged to enter.

The criteria are simple: works to be no more than 100cm, x 80cm x 80cm; they can be wall hung, ceiling hung, floor standing or displayed on a plinth.

All materials are considered and all styles from traditional to contemporary. Excellence and technique will be rewarded. Drawings and concepts of the works will be considered.

Application fee is $80 for one work and $100 for two.

Enter the awards

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