Congratulations to Lower Hutt ceramic artist Anna Campbell who won the highly coveted $15,000 Premier award for her sculpture ‘Workshop #1’, Consisting of a  road cone, gas bottle and dirty rag – all made of ceramic – on an aged wooden shelf, the work is inspired by still life compositions in her studio.

The winning piece was selected by judge Lynne Sandri, Wellington artist, curator, arts mentor and art awards judge who had this to say about Anna’s piece.

Anna’s work is mindful of her surroundings and uses simple solid form and clean lines to create her own still life …of the life around her – the ordinary in the everyday.

The messy nature of useful objects on a shelf in a functioning workshop/studio which could now easily sit comfortably in a new environment of either a carefully curated living room or gallery.

I enjoyed the choice of subject matter that was simple, beautifully made and in essence carefully looking at what is right in front of you on a daily basis.

Really looking and seeing and then acting on it or working with it. Most of the time everything we need is right in front of our eyes.

Anna is joined by five other artists who were each awarded $1,000 Highly Commended Awards

Five Highly Commended Artists Each Receive $1,000

Highly Commended: ‘Full Disclosure; when fingers point, ears don’t listen and mouths can’t speak ‘, combination of cast, blown and hot sculpted glass, by George Agius (Manawatu)
Highly Commended: ‘Haven of Tranquility 1’, harakeke and string by Birgit Moffatt (Otaki)
Highly Commended: ‘Cubed Lorikeet’, Feathers, taxidermy and mixed medi by Emily Valentine (Sydney, Australia)
Highly Commended: Honeycomb Vase, natural beeswax honeycomb by Studio Reset (Te Horo)
Highly Commended: ‘Lucy in the Sky…….’, bronze, by Jonathan Campbell (Lower Hutt)

The remaining finalists

‘Badass Hero’ by Christine Cousineau
‘Guardian Angel’ by Christine Cousineau
‘Boxed Pigeon’ by Emily Valentine
‘Haven of Tranquilty I’ by Birgit Moffatt
‘Acorn, Ted?’ by Kylie Matheson
‘King of Self-Satisfaction’ by DeAnne Lawford Smith
‘Rangitukia’ by Karaitiana Akroyd
‘Fox and Rabbit’ by Kylie Matheson
‘Once We Were Kings of the Forest’ by Christopher Jannin
‘Kneel’ by Duncan Moore
‘Man’ by Duncan Moore
‘Tezos Value Array Index 2016-2022’ by Gryffin Cook
‘6 Pack #2: I Can’t Spare a Square’ by Evelyn Hodowany
‘Revelation’ by Libbie Persico
‘Arbelos’ by Di Tocker
‘Observer’ by Di Tocker
‘Poetry in Motion’ by Eric Desiles
‘Between Two Extremes 1’ by Jacqueline Morren
‘Between Two Extremes 2’ by Jacqueline Morren
‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ by George Agius
‘Reclining in a Volcanic Landscape’ by Howard Tuffery
‘Fragility’ by Kathryn Bartlett
‘Endless’ and Galleon’ by Matt Parry
‘Thresher Shark’ by Jack Stobart
‘Grounding’ by Javier Murcia
‘Regeneration’ by Julie Cromwell
‘Matakite’ by Neil Adcock
‘We Have a Lot in Common’ by Kay Bazzard
‘We’re Here to Help’ by Kay Bazzard
‘Solar Salute’ by Rob Gillies
‘Abyss’ by Rob Gillies
‘Gabrielle’ by Marion Courtille
‘I Love Your Guts’ by Marion Courtille
‘Fun on the Farm’ by Renate Verbrugge

Pekapeka-tou-roa with kaihua’ by Steph Lusted

‘Concord’ by Stuart MacPherson
‘BTM Dripping Tears’ by Sung Hwan Bobby Park
‘The Gathering’ by Toni Tittleton
‘High and Dry’ by Storm Davenport
‘Her Rock was Full of Holes’ by Storm Davenport
‘Songs of Symbols – Joy’ by Vicki Charles
‘Songs of Symbols – Flow’ by Vicki Charles